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Seatronx Launches New Digital Matrix Switching Command Center

Seatronx, manufacturer, distributor and designer of the finest rugged electronics catering specifically to the military, maritime and industrial markets, announced today the launch of the Seatronx Digital Matrix Switching Command Control system (SCC). The Seatronx SCC takes bridge control to a

New Direct Shipping Route Opens between Incheon and the U.S.

Incheon Port Authority announced the opening of the Pacific South 8 route for direct shipping between the United States and the Port of Incheon. Previously, the service was provided by Hyundai Merchant Marine under the name of Pacific South 1. More

Capesize Shipping Rates Sink 21% In A Single Day

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) rose to fame in the mid-2000s as a leading indicator of the global economy. If the BDI went up, industrial production was set to increase; if it went down, vice versa. The BDI lost its luster