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Satisfaction survey in container transport: availability of cargo space now number one customer requirement

Container shipping lines’ ability to provide cargo space as needed showed a marginal improvement in 2019, but this gain will have been dramatically reversed by the end of the first half of this year, according to the fourth annual shipper satisfaction

Visakhapatnam Port sees growth plunging to -11%

The Visakhapatnam Port has fared relatively better compared to other major ports in ensuring near-normal handling of cargo during the nationwide lockdown, officials said. The port witnessed a negative growth of -11% compared to other major ports which have witnessed a

China To Europe Front- And Back-Haul Container Spot Rates In Rare Reversal

Throughout April, container shipping spot freight rates on the back-haul trade from North Europe to China were higher than those on the front-haul trade from China to North Europe. This is a rare occurrence that has developed in the wake of