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Enger Named CEO of Höegh Autoliners

Andreas Enger will replace Thor Jørgen Guttormsen as CEO of Höegh Autoliners effective September 8, 2020. Enger has served as an advisor to Höegh Autoliners for more than a year and became CFO in September 2019. Prior to joining Höegh Autoliners,

Scania unveils hybrid and electric power system concepts

Scania is applying its in-house developed electrification concept to the marine market. (Image courtesy of Scania) Engine manufacturer Scania is extending its product portfolio, and announced the launch of hybrid and fully electric power system concepts for its marine engines on

Russia’s rail link to port of Murmansk severed by bridge collapse

Russian Railways has halted passenger and cargo rail transport between the northern port of Murmansk and the rest of Russia after the collapse of the only railway bridge linking the two, the national rail company said on Tuesday. The foundations of