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Acting as a principal or an agent – the difference is important, says ITIC

When intermediaries are involved in complex projects, it is important that they fully understand how the legal relationship with suppliers is created. This will avoid someone who means to contract as an agent from unwittingly being liable as a principal. ITIC

Seven crew kidnapped off container ship near Gabon

The container vessel MSC Talia F has been attacked by pirates off the coast of Gabon, with seven crew abducted. The vessel was attacked on Sunday whilst halfway between Sao Tome and Libreville, Gabon. Apparently seven of the 17 Ukrainian crew

NIOPDC to build 50,000-ton wharf in Chabahar port

National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) has ordered a 50,000-ton wharf to be constructed for the company at the southeastern Chabahar port, Shana reported on Monday. As reported, NIOPDC Managing Director Keramat Veiskarami issued the order during a visit to