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Training Tips for Ships #16: Using Student Exam Results to Measure OUR Performance: Part 2

In last month’s Training Tips for Ships, we began the discussion of how we can look at our existing training data to measure our success as trainers and training organizations.  The data in question are the results from the multiple-choice exams

Areas with rising GPS interference and jamming incidents

According to Gard Club, rhis interference and jamming have resulted in loss of or inaccurate GPS signals and has affected vessels’ navigation and communication equipment. On 24 September 2020, The US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration Advisories (MARAD) issued an regarding

CMA CGM Suspects Data Breach from Cyber Attack

CMA CGM suspects a cyber attack affecting its servers led to a data breach, the global shipping line said on Wednesday as it continued to restore online services. “We suspect a data breach and are doing everything possible to assess its