UK P&I Club releases ‘Ask an Expert’ video on grain contamination claims

The UK P&I Club has released the latest video in its online ‘Ask an Expert’ series, featuring Chris Ellyatt from CWA International on the increasing number of grain contamination claims and their causes.

The Club continues to see a number of grain contamination claims and Chris Ellyatt explains it is often difficult to work out if these claims are due to the inherent contaminants at the load port, or if they are a result of improper hold cleaning by the ship staff.

Chris highlights the importance of diligent recordkeeping during cargo loading to ensure any untoward contaminants are documented, and emphasises the need for extra care when preparing the holds for food grade cargo. He notes there have been instances where entire cargo is rejected due to issues such as small contamination by genetically modified cargoes in countries where they are banned. However, he reassures the viewers that despite the contamination, there are still options available for the owners and receivers to rectify the cargo avoid major losses.

Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at UK P&I Club says: “This latest ‘Ask an Expert’ discussion aims to dissect the issues surrounding the different types of contamination, prevention options, the importance of sampling and analysis, and the various solutions available. Chris is an experienced scientist and as a consultant in the food and agricultural department at CWA, has attended live cases providing expert advice on issues across sampling, loading, discharging and storage of various food and agricultural cargoes.”

The ‘Ask an Expert’ video series provides specialist analysis and insight on a range of specific topics from leading figures in the marine sector. Informative and concise in their 30-minute format, the videos are designed to give the audience a broad understanding of an issue in an optimised timeframe.

The ‘Ask an Expert’ video on grain contamination claims with Chris Ellyatt of CWA International can be viewed here:

Source: UK P&I Club

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