UK P&I Club launches ‘Ask an Expert’ video series

The Loss Prevention team at the UK P&I Club has launched a new online video series ‘Ask an Expert’, providing specialist analysis and insight on a range of specific topics from leading figures in the marine industry.

The videos involve interviews with renowned experts from a particular field, who tackle specific operations challenges faced by Members and the wider marine sector. Cogent and concise in their 30-minute format, the videos are designed to give the audience a deep understanding of an issue in an optimised timeframe. They will delve into a broad range of topics, including diving operations, crane wire parting, fumigation, and cyber risks.

Launching the first interview of the series, Dr. Stephanie Heard, Food Scientist with CWA International, joins Captain Anuj Velankar of the UK P&I Club, to explore the main issues and claims that arise during the transport of soybean cargo. The USA and Brazil dominate the global production of soy beans, with Brazilian beans usually solely bound for China, and American beans exported to the rest of Asia and Europe.

Dr. Heard maps the fascinating journey of the beans from their origin to their consumption, outlining the care required, and the typical disputes that can arise on the cargo’s voyage across the seas. There is also further discussion on issues such as claims processes, loss prevention guidelines and best practice.

Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at UK P&I Club says: “The ‘Ask an Expert’ series is part of an ongoing effort from the Club to promote safety and knowledge-sharing within the marine industry. The online nature of the videos and their compact format adds to their appeal and convenience, which is especially important in this present time.

“The videos are a valuable resource, enabling Members and the wider industry to gain insight on critical operations problems, helping them mitigate against claims and support their safety measures. We’re very much looking forward to unveiling a high-quality roster of experts lined up to tackle diverse, interesting and highly relevant topics in the coming months.”

Source: UK P&I Club

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