ToShips With A Community Inland Vessel: To All Members Under The Human Environment And Transport Inspectorate(Ilt)

Further to the temporary postponement of enforcing documents for inland navigation by the ILT due to Covid-19, the current ILT position has changed.As of the 23 October 2020 the ILT will require additional evidence for continuing to use the temporary suspension of enforcement:

•Demonstrate that it was impossible or difficult to comply with inspection, testing or certification due to Covid 19 measures;
•A step‐by‐step plan indicating how inspection, testing or certification can be carried out within6 months after the end of the document.Depending on the type of certificate of the ship, the additional requirements and step by step plan will need to be submitted:

•For ships with a Community Inland Vessel Certificate (CBB / UCB), the additional requirements must be submitted before October 23, 2020;
•For ships with a Certificate for the Rhine (CvO), the above documents must be submittedbefore 23 November 2020.

Please note, if these requirements are not adhered to and the certification of the ship expires the ship will be treated as a new build and will have to comply with the latest regulations, for example, the installation of a CAT 5 powertrain.

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Source: Standard Club

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