Singapore updates crew change procedures, Philippines expands its suspension of crew changes for seafarers who have recently visited any of the 35 countries

Singapore MPA has enhanced the crew change procedures to include precautionary measures against risks of infection between ship and shore. The latest circular (PMC 05-2021) gives guidance on:

1. Holding area for immigration clearance at Marina South Pier and West Coast Pier
2. Precautionary measures for shore personnel and crew
3. Precautionary measures for service providers facilitating crew change

The Philippines has announced that it will be expanding the travel restrictions on travelers inbound from this list of 35 countries.

The Government has added the United Arab Emirates and Hungary to the list of countries which have travel restrictions. The list consists of: (1) the United Kingdom, (2) Denmark, (3) Ireland, (4) Japan, (5) Australia, (6) Israel, (7) The Netherlands, (8) Hong Kong, (9) Switzerland, (10) France, (11) Germany, (12) Iceland, (13) Italy, (14) Lebanon, (15) Singapore, (16) Sweden, (17) South Korea, (18) South Africa, (19) Canada, (20) Spain, (21) United States, (22) Portugal, (23) India, (24) Finland, (25) Norway, (26) Jordan, (27) Brazil, (28) Austria, (29) Pakistan, (30) Jamaica, (31) Luxembourg, (32) Oman and (33) the People’s Republic of China, (34) United Arab Emirates and (35) Hungary.

Returning Filipino seafarers who have passed through these countries must return to Manila only and stay for 14 days at a quarantine facility, even if they have tested negative for Covid-19.

Public Advisory: Further Updates for Those Intending to Travel to the Philippines: Extension of Travel Restrictions to 31 January 2021, and the inclusion of United Arab Emirates and Hungary in the travel restrictions (
Source: The Standard Club

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