Pilot Ladder safety: IMPA safety campaign and USCG safety alert

In the recently published results of a safety campaign by International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) it is noted that as with previous years the 2022 safety campaign highlights persistent non-compliance. IMPA considers that the requirements of SOLAS regulation V/23 (Pilot transfer arrangements), its associated IMO Assembly resolutions, and the ISO 799 series standards as the minimum requirement and not an aspirational target.

Over the years the club has published various alerts reminding the members that pilot transfer arrangements, including pilot ladders, must comply with SOLAS and ISO standards.

The USCG has recently published a safety alert (Safety Alert 04-22-CH1) addressing the importance of verifying the correct arrangement of handholds in embarkation gate arrangements for pilot ladders.

ICS and IMPA have published version 3.0 of the Guidance on Pilot Transfer Arrangements earlier last year and it is available here.

Members can download the results of the IMPA safety campaign and USCG safety alert at the bottom of this page.

We recommend the member to reiterate to the ship staff the importance of providing safe access to the ships especially when embarking or disembarking pilots.
Source: Standard Club

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