Korea requires a document confirming negative COVID-19 PCR test result for crew coming from Russia, Philippines releases new procedures for crew change

Sailors aboard ships from Russia are required to submit certificates showing they have tested negative for the coronavirus upon entry into South Korea. The new rule, which came in to effect last week, comes amid a spike in cases of COVID-19 among crew of Russia-flagged vessels. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the sailors must obtain their PCR test certificates 48 hours before departure. According to the health ministry, most cases of infections from Russia have been reported at ports and not airports. Since June 22, more than 90 infections have been traced to eight Russian ships docked in Busan and Incheon.

We thank Spark International for the information. Excerpts from their message along with the media release in Korean is attached.

The Filipino government has released a set of guidelines that will ease the process of repatriation of seafarers, a move aimed at reducing the burden on Filipino seafarers stranded onboard ships for months. The new guidelines cover all seafarers, including Filipinos joining a ship in the Philippines, as well as overseas and those seafarers signing off the ships in Philippines.

The media release issued by the Philippines Department of Transport is available on the right.
Source: The Standard Club

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