Industry voices: Wishes for 2023

For that matter, Safety4Sea invited industry voices, including Standard Club’s Loss Prevention team members, to respond to the following question:

“If you could make one wish for the maritime industry for 2023, what would you ask for?”

Capt. Akshat Arora, Senior Surveyor at Standard Club said:

I would wish for a greater recognition for the shipping industry and respect for the work done by seafarers. Seafarers enable 90% of global trade by operating vessels. Yet we continue to see cases where seafarers are being deprived of their basic human rights and dignity. This decadence of seafarers’ rights has to stop. They are ‘key workers’ and deserve to be treated accordingly, while they continue to provide essential services to the world.

This festive season, while you are out shopping and reach for an item on a fully stocked shelve, remember that seafarers had a hand in putting them there. We enjoy the fruits of their labour, the least we could do is to acknowledge that and be thankful.

Capt. Yves Vandenborn, Standard Club’s Director of Loss Prevention, shared his thoughts:

Seafarer wellbeing continues to be on the forefront of my agenda in 2023. Shipping leads 90% of world trade, yet the attention and consideration towards seafarers is vastly disproportionate to that. Internally, the maritime industry must integrate seafarer wellbeing considerations into business strategies and core processes. We must first recognise seafarers as assets and prioritise their interests before we can expect the international community to do the same.

Externally, campaigns to raise awareness of the industry and how we fit into the supply chain would promote and shape the image and importance of shipping in the eyes of the public. As I wish you compliments of the season, might I also leave you with the phrase “no shipping, no shopping”.
Source: Standard Club

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