In The Context Of The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EUSRR)

The EU Ship Recycling Regulation (EUSRR), adopted in 2013, contains requirements for EU-flagged ships, of 500 GT and above, to carry an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM). In addition, ships calling at EU ports from non-EU countries will also be required to carry an IHM identifying all the hazardous materials on board. EU-flagged ships must also be scrapped in an EU approved ship recycling facility.

The EUSRR is aimed at facilitating early ratification of the Hong Kong Convention 2009 – both within the EU and in other countries outside the EU – by applying controls to ships and ship recycling facilities in accordance with the Convention. It aims to ensure that vessels are recycled in EU-approved facilities worldwide.

As of the December 31, 2020, the EUSRR will apply to:
• existing EU-flagged ships, which will be required to have onboard a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance. If the ship is scheduled to be recycled, the IHM should be on board; and

• non-EU-flagged ships calling at EU ports, which will also be required to have onboard a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance.

Members are recommended to familiarize themselves with the European Maritime Safety Agency’s (EMSA’s) Guidance on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials: IHM Development and Maintenance in the Context of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation which provides both technical information and procedural guidance.

The EU maintains a website providing updates on ship recycling at:

and maintains its list of approved ship recycling facilities in both EU and non-EU states at:

Your Managers recommend that Members take note of this information and be guided accordingly.
Source: The American Club

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