Carriage of bagged refined sugar in bulk carriers

Over the last decade, an average of 22 million tonnes of sugar was shipped from Brazilian ports every year, leaving the sugarcane derivative only behind soya beans in terms of quantities of agriproducts exported from Brazil during that period. Most Brazilian sugar is in raw form shipped in bulk. Refined sugar makes up less that 5% of the total exports. The 50-kg bags are mostly shipped in containers although some are carried as general cargo. Proinde reports that due to the current heated demand for containers, more of the bagged refined sugar shipments are now loaded break-bulk and carried in bulk carriers. While the freight rates are lower, the loading times are increased and weather dependent. In addition, bagged sugar carried in bulk carriers is more prone to handling damage and exposure to the elements than that packed in containers.

Proinde has published a comprehensive guide on loading sugar in Brazil and we recommend it as a useful source of reference and practical information. Loss prevention cargo advice for both raw and refined bagged products is provided in the guidance.
Source: Gard,

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