Canada’s Ship Safety Bulletin 27/2022: Update to Canadian Application for Seafarers Seeking Endorsement

Transport Canada has issued a new Ship Safety Bulletin 27/2022. This contains the updated process and application forms for the issuance of a Canadian endorsement to a foreign issued certificate in accordance with a reciprocal arrangement.

The new Ship Safety Bulletin contains updated guidance regarding endorsement of a seafarer. Authorized representatives of Canadian registered vessels who are sponsoring a seafarer to obtain a Canadian endorsement should be aware that the instructions related to the candidate’s knowledge of Canada maritime laws and evidence of language proficiency have been updated.

A completed application must now contain within its submission to Transport Canada a copy or the recording of the assessments that were used to complete the criteria checklist for the seafarer seeking endorsement. Once this is completed, Transport Canada will conduct a verification of the assessments on the candidate’s knowledge of Canadian Maritime Law and knowledge of English or French submitted by the authorized representative. If any inadequacy is found in the assessments, corrective action may be required before the endorsement is issued.

The updated application process only applies to new applications submitted following the publication of the Bulletin.

The bulletin is available on the Government of Canada website. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with your usual club contact.
Source: Standard Club

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