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COVID-19 and bill of lading fraud

Times of economic crisis have historically often flushed out frauds and other unscrupulous dealings which may not otherwise have been discovered in normal economic conditions. It appears that the COVID-19 pandemic, together with other economic factors such as depressed oil prices,

Port of Townsville inks deal to become global hub for hydrogen exports

Northern Australia’s biggest general cargo port, Port of Townsville and the Australian energy company Origin inked MoU, which will allow hydrogen to be exported from the region. Specifically, both sides will collaborate on the potential expansion of the port, as well

Port of Rotterdam provides real-time digital overview of arrival times

The Port of Rotterdam Authority, subsidiary PortBase, and five deep sea terminals have developed a real-time digital overview of arrival times to provide real-time information, after the Suez Canal obstruction. Many sea-going vessels have been delayed as a consequence of the