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Cargo ship in trouble in Med after cargo shift

General cargo ship EVLOGIA suffered engine failure and went adrift in Mediterranean sea some 45 nm southeast of Karpathos at around 1800 UTC May 26, while en route from Damietta Egypt to Reni Ukraine. Later the ship encountered another problem caused

Bulk carrier aground in Suez Canal, traffic blocked

Bulk carrier XIN HAI TONG 23 ran aground at around 0100 UTC May 25 in Suez area, shortly after entering Suez Canal from Red sea, en route from Duba Saudi Arabia, destination unknown. As of 0400 UTC May 25 was still

Russian Naval ship attacked north of Bosphorus

Russian Navy Intelligence ship IVAN HURS was attacked by 3 naval drones in Black sea 40 (or 80) nm north of Bosphorus early in the morning May 24, according to Russian bloggers posts, later confirmed by military official statement. Understood the