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US bulk carrier cargo on fire, Korea

Fire erupted in cargo hold of bulk carrier CAPE TOWN EAGLE at around 1000 Seoul time May 30 in Ulsan Port, Korea. Bulk carrier is having a cargo of 5,700 tons of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) substance, which is used in

Cruise ship returning to Sydney after cabin fire

Fire broke out in one of the seaview cabins with balcony on board of cruise ship PACIFIC ADVENTURE early in the morning May 28 south of Sydney, several hours after the ship left Sydbey with passengers on board. Fire was quickly

Ferry contacted pier, damaged, weekend trips Denmark – Norway cancelled

Ferry SUPERSPEED 2 has been taken off Denmark-Norway service after she contacted pier at Hirtshals, North Jutland, Denmark, in the evening May 27, on arrival from Larvik. The ship suffered hull damages above waterline, and all weekend trips were therefore, cancelled.