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Scrap fire in bulk carrier hold, Dordrecht VIDEO

Fire erupted in cargo hold of bulk carrier SILVER LADY, berthed at Dordrecht Netherlands, at around 2130 CEST Jun 2, during scrap loading. Fire spread also to scrap piled at quay. Massive firefighting response managed to take fire under control by

​ General cargo ships collided of Chios, both damaged VIDEO UPDATE

UPDATE: Both ships in ballast, apparently POTENTIA struck ANT starboard in cargo hold area, inflicting hull breach. Both ships reportedly, started moving towards Turkish ports, crews remain on board. General cargo ships ANT and POTENTIA collided at around 1200 UTC Jun

Tanker “Copper Spirit” Rescues 107 Migrants Near Italy

The tanker “COPPER SPIRIT” carried out multiple consecutive rescue operations at sea under the guidance of the Italian Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC), successfully saving 107 survivors who were subsequently disembarked at an Italian port. On May 8th, en route