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Denmark frees suspected pirates in dinghy in Gulf of Guinea

Three suspected pirates who were detained for six weeks on a Danish warship off West Africa’s coast have been released at sea in a small dinghy. The three were captured in November after a fatal exchange of fire in the Gulf

Gulf of Guinea states must act and prosecute suspected pirates

States in the Gulf of Guinea region must take responsibility and step-up prosecution efforts when pirates are apprehended by international navies, following the release of three suspected pirates held in custody on board Danish frigate Esbern Snare. “The presence of international

Region reacts with outrage to Houthi hijacking of UAE ship off Yemen

The reported hijacking of a UAE cargo ship off the coast of Yemen by the Iran-backed Houthi militia drew widespread condemnation across the region on Monday. The Saudi-led Arab coalition said the ship was seized shortly before midnight on Sunday near