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ReCAAP: Sharp Increase of Incidents against ships in the Singapore Strait

Since 2019 through 2020, there is a sharp increase in the number of incidents of robbery and theft against ships while underway in the Singapore Strait (SS), compared to the period of 2016-2018. In 2019, 31 incidents were reported, and 33

UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report 15 – 21 Nov 2020

Warnings, advisories and piracy incidents in the Indian Ocean Area by the UKMTO in the past week. Source: UKMTO (United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations) The post UKMTO Weekly Piracy Report 15 – 21 Nov 2020 first appeared on Hellenic Shipping News

Maritime Piracy, A Resurgent Business And Other Threats To Shipping: How The Insurance Industry Handling The Arising Issues

A black flag showing a skull and crossbones automatically flashes through our minds each time we read or hear the word ‘piracy’ – I suspect that there must be a neurolinguistic programming into our minds since we were in our youth.