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Making demands of parents – interpreting see-to-it and on-demand guarantees4 June 2020

Guarantees are a significant feature in almost all transactions involving international trade. They may be given by banks, parent companies or other third parties. Whether these instruments should be “see-to-it” or “on-demand” guarantees ought to be given careful consideration when negotiating

Remote pilotage – perspective and risks to consider

The Standard Club’s loss prevention (LP) department is a multi-disciplinary team which was established in 1989 and has continually evolved in order to meet the needs of members in an ever changing maritime industry. The team includes master mariners, naval architects,

Impacts of marine fauna on shipping

The adverse impact of shipping on marine life and ecosystems is well documented. However, it is also true that the presence of certain sea creatures can pose a serious threat to the safety of ships and the individual seafarer. It is