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The Swedish Club Marks 40 Years in Hong Kong

The Swedish Club’s Hong Kong office celebrates its 40th anniversary this month. The office has seen many changes, from fast economic growth in the South East Asia region and China’s ‘open door’ policy, to Asia taking a role as a leading

Seafarers detained in Egypt for carrying prohibited items

Our local correspondent in Egypt reports an increase in cases where seafarers have been detained for carrying prohibited items, such as drones and other “suspicious” electronic devices, in their luggage when embarking or disembarking ships in the country. A seafarer was

New international medical app available for all seafarers

Τhe Mariners Medico Guide is a unique app, designed and tailored for seafarers. It provides step-by-step guidance for treating crew onboard. Fully downloadable, it can be used without a signal mid-ocean and in remote parts of a ship. It is available