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Northeast Passage to open in mid-August, Northwest Passage expected to open in mid-September

Weathernews Inc. Global Ice Center announced its forecast for Arctic Sea ice trends in 2020. Currently, the sea ice in the Arctic Sea is melting at an average pace, but with record breaking high temperatures such as the 38 degrees Celsius

BULL Took Delivery of its 7th Additional LR2 Tanker during 2020, Total Capacity Reach 2.3 Million DWT

PT Buana Lintas Lautan Tbk (“BULL” or “Company”) has just taken delivery of its 7th Long Range 2 (LR2) tanker this year out of the 8 vessels delivered so far this year. Since First Quarter 2020 the Company has taken delivery

The new ISO standard for offshore wind infrastructure will contribute to building a carbon free future.

Offshore wind farms offer several advantages when compared to their solid ground counterparts. They are well-sited to catch the wind, and they’re less of a burden on the eyes and ears. The downsides? Installation and maintenance can present significant technical challenges.