ZIM Unveils New Digital Services

During September 2019 ZIM officially announced of its revolutionary ‘Powered by Our Customers’ approach, an innovative concept, inviting customers to take an active part in designing and influencing ZIM’s Service Experience – For Customers, By Customers! Since than the concept has been put into practice throughout all ongoing developments of both existing and new digital services.

Today ZIM unveils two new services which were developed in response to the implications of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Draft B/L for myZIM Personal Area users, provides ZIM’s customers with a new, simpler, faster way to approve or edit their draft B/L online throughout the documentation process.
  • News & Updates Push Notifications for ZIM’s Mobile Application users, enables customers to stay up-to-date, receiving all local operational and commercial news and updates published on ZIM’s website directly to their mobile application, in real time!

Both were designed and developed based on input provided by ZIM’s 600 “influencers”– ZIM customers taking an active part, making sure each function is finetuned according to their needs and recommendations.

ZIM President & CEO Eli Glickman: “When we say that being agile is one of our core values, we mean fast response to changing market needs to provide our customers the best and most up-to-date services.”

Assaf Tiran, ZIMs Global Customer Service VP: “Our vision, ‘Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You’ drive our ongoing efforts to create a superb customer experience, and our ‘Powered by Our Customers’ working methodology is an integral part of this vision. These new digital services are only part of our planned roadmap, all aiming at Making It Easier for our customers to do business with us.”
Source: ZIM

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