Xantrex Extends International Product Offering with the New FREEDOM XC 230V Inverter/Charger

Xantrex, a subsidiary of Mission Critical Electronics (MCE) and a leading manufacturer of power inverters and solar panels, introduces the new FREEDOM XC 230V inverter/charger (817-2080-12), designed for Europe and countries that use 230V AC power. An extension to the popular FREEDOM XC series, the new FREEDOM XC 230V inverter/charger offers the same premium performance as its 120V counterparts all in a lightweight and compact package. The built-in battery charger may be programmed to charge virtually any lithium ion chemistry and is designed to charge dead batteries drained to extremely low voltage.

Excellent in applications such as recreational vehicles, boats, heavy duty trucks, work trucks and specialty vehicles, the FREEDOM XC 230V functions efficiently in extreme temperatures in invert or charge mode from -20°C to 60°C*. The extended surge rating makes the FREEDOM XC 230V inverter/charger ideal for starting difficult loads including the fridge or microwave. With a built-in power share feature, the FREEDOM XC 230V utilizes less shore power when charging batteries which frees up more usable AC power for running electrical devices and appliances, reducing the likelihood of tripping shore power breakers. Simple installation with quick connect terminals, Xantrex’s new FREEDOM XC 230V inverter/charger is user-friendly and programmable. It is also compatible with the FREEDOM X Bluetooth remote panel (808-0817-02) which allows the inverter/charger to be easily monitored and configured on a phone or tablet using the FXC Control App available at the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store.

“We have been listening to our customers and our European market in particular has been asking for an inverter/charger like this one for some time. So, we are very excited to launch the new FREEDOM XC 230V which will give Europeans and other users more access to Xantrex power products,” says Albert Shuen, Director of Product Management at Xantrex. “The FREEDOM XC 230V is a part of our FREEDOM XC product line which has been hugely successful in North American markets and we’re thrilled to extend this excellent product overseas to our international customers.”

The FREEDOM XC 230V inverter/charger (817-2080-12) is listed at a MSRP of $1035 USD. The new 230V inverter/charger is in stock and available for shipping.
*The FREEDOM XC delivers full output in invert or charge mode from -20°C to 40°C, but it can operate up to 60°C.
Source: Xantrex

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