Winning International order ore carrier pair at Beihai Shipbuilding

The two WinningMax vessels represent a new generation of ships from a partnership between WIG and CSSC. These vessels are tailored to meet the demands of sustainable shipping and the specific needs of bauxite maritime trade, ensuring a seamless logistics chain from West Africa to China.

They have received technical support and recognition from both the China Classification Society and Det Norske Veritas.

With an overall length of 329.99 meters, a breadth of 60 meters, a depth of 30.50 meters, and a speed of 13.9 knots, these vessels comply with the stringent requirements of Phase III of EEDI. The WinningMax carrier is projected to reduce energy consumption by nearly 50% per nautical mile per deadweight. 

The vessels are methanol-ready and equipped with 12,000 cubic meters of methanol fuel storage tanks, paving the way for zero-carbon voyages using green methanol.

Sun Xiushun, Chairman of Winning International Group commented, “We take a significant stride towards realizing our sustainable development goals, focused on emissions reduction and carbon footprint reduction in ocean shipping. Our shared investment in energy efficiency and environmental protection not only benefits our ship-owning business and shipping operations but also enables us to offer safer, more cost-effective, and sustainable services for our mining development ventures in Guinea and our global shipping clientele.”

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