Using videos and AI in recruitment

Clarence Khoh, Director of Talent-Merge, explains to Seatrade Maritime Special Report on Singapore that traditionally candidates have just submitted their CVs as Word of PDF documents meaning that all hiring managers have to go is what is written on paper. To try and broaden the scope of the application Talent-Merge has developed VirVit – Video Resumes and Video Testimonials. Using the VirVit app candidates can upload video resumes or testimonials. The candidate can usually upload three video resumes and then choose the one that is most appropriate for the job that they are applying for.

However, for a hiring manager either reading 20 – 50 CVs or watching a similar number of video resumes is a time-consuming process and this where AI has come into the process. VirVit has created its own proprietary algorithms to help narrow down the selection of candidates. “One part of the AI is we look at how the candidate is presenting and look at expressions and emotions, and how excited is he about the job,” Khoh says. A second factor it looks at is the words the candidate uses versus the job description. In total there are five factors which each have percentage score versus the client’s requirements.

Khoh uses the example of candidate apply for a role as superintendent who submits a CV and video resume. “We will use the AI to match how close the candidate is with the job description.” Where the match is, say 70% or 80% the recruitment manager will then watch those selected videos.

So how much time does this process save? Based a position being advertised receiving 50 CVs and taking a minute to look at each one, that process alone takes 50 minutes. Instead, the system can narrow this process down to eight to ten. With the video resume as well the recruiter also has an impression of the candidate and how they are able to present themselves. From this candidates are selected for a shortlist to do a Zoom or Teams video interview.

In terms of take-up of video resumes Khoh says that most of their clients are trying to adopt them as they can see the benefit. But he notes it also takes “two hands to clap” and it is not compulsory for candidates to upload a video resume, but it gives an edge over others.

This story first appeared in the Seatrade Maritime Special Report on Singapore

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