US selects two draft floating wind areas offshore Oregon

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has identified two draft wind energy areas (WEAs) off the coast of Oregon. 

The draft WEAs cover around 219,568 acres offshore southern Oregon with their closest points ranging from 18 to 32 miles off the coast. The two areas will tap up to 2.6 GW of Oregon’s potential.

The areas will contribute to the US’ goal of deploying 30 GW of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030 and 15 GW of floating offshore wind by 2035.

Oregon has major opportunities for offshore wind deployment due to the deep waters off the state’s coast. These areas are also an opportunity for the use of floating technologies.

“At the request of Oregon’s governor and other state officials, there will be a 60-day public comment period on the draft WEAs and BOEM will hold an intergovernmental task force meeting in addition to public meetings during the comment period,” said BOEM Director Elizabeth Klein.

During the 60-day public comment period, which started on August 15, BOEM will hold public meetings to outline data and information used to inform the draft WEAs and discuss the next steps.

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