Two Italian barge operators join forces in a joint venture: the newborn Maritime Bunkers Srl will perform bunker deliveries in the major Italian ports

The two companies, Anapo, and Rimorchiatori Laziali are part of larger groups: Anapo is within the realm of Maxcom, one of the largest independent Italian oil companies with activities ranging from bunkering to LNG supply; Rimorchiatori belongs to Cafimar, the largest towing and salvage company in Italy, with a fleet of 24 tugs and 4 barges.

Anapo has been delivering bunkers in the Southern ports of Augusta, Catania, Ancona, and Brindisi; Rimorchiatori operates its fleet in Civitavecchia. and in some coastal trading.

The Sicilian company has committed to the new venture the latest arrival in its fleet of three, the Mersey Spirit (GT 1476); the other barge operated by the newco will be the Magic Duba (GT 750), of Rimorchiatori LazialI. Anapo may possibly add its other double hull, Punta Azzurra (GT 850). Maritime Bunker will be able to deliver all grades of marine fuels: gasoil, VLSFO, and HSFO. A bigger plan may result in the acquisition (purchase or time charters) of new barges and further expansions.

The aim of the new company is to extend its operations to other ports: Anapo already has licenses for Savona, Vado Ligure, and La Spezia; it has also applied for a license to deliver bunkers in Trieste, on the Adriatic side of the Italian peninsula, expected to be executed by the end of August. In time, Anapo may relinquish some of its licenses in favor of the joint venture although retaining its exclusive role in Augusta and Ancona.

Bunker Energy, the independent bunker sales arm of FinGo Fuels, which ownership rest solidly in the hands of Jacorosi family, will continue handle the sales and invariably benefit of this new venture: it will be the opportunity to expand its sales activities to most of the Italian ports and augment its stature in the Italian marine fuels market.

The two partners in the J/V will bring together extraordinary experiences in the respective fields: Maxcom will share its essential financial and trading expertise, Rimorchiatori Laziali its historic naval and operational skills.

Yet again, this is a clear sign of stakeholders’ commitment and continuous interest in a pivotal sector of the shipping industry, with serious investments and advance planning for the future.
Source: Bunker Energy S.p.A.

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