Tuco Marine has been appointed production partner for Wallyby Boats GmbH.

Tuco Marine from Denmark have been appointed production partner for German Wallaby Boats GmbH who is introducing Workboats and Daughter Crafts designs based on suspension technology developed Nauti-Craft, who is based Western Australia Tuco Marine is as a start be production partner to Wallyby Boats on the WB-14 a designated offshore Wind Daughter Craft (DC) for offshore wind service vessel (OSV), and Service Operation Vessels (SOV)

The WB-14 will come with a single point hoist system that allows safe lifting with the designated launch and recovery system (LARS) with no manual handling on the boat and minimal personnel required on deck of the mother ship. The lifting beam is self-adjusting to changes of center of gravity (COG).

Jonas Pedersen

Wallaby Boats and their new suspended Daughter Crafts has already secured themselves letters of support from the industry amongst others from the Norwegian energy company Equinor who have supported the development of this new technology.

The Main Characteristics of the WB-14 are;
Wallaby-14 (WB-14):
LOA: 14,85m
LPP: 14,00m
BOA: 5,5m (outer hulls)
D: appr. 18,7t)
Engines: 2*Volvo Penta D13-IPS600 (optional jet installation)
Hs(launch): 2,0m Hs
HS(recovery): 2,5m Hs
[email protected]: Appr. 1,75m Hs
Cargo(fwd): 1,0 – 1,5t
Speed(max.): Appr. 25kts
Speed(85%): Appr 23kts
[email protected]%: ca. 4,0l/nm (90l/h)
Crew : 2
PAX: 8 in cabin, 3 in cockpit (on jump seats)
PAX (option): 12 in cabin, 3 in cockpit (on jump seats)

“Tuco Marine is very happy to be appointed production partner by Wallaby Boats GmbH” Says Managing Director of Tuco Marine Group, Jonas Pedersen. “The offshore energy business is looking for new, safe and comfortable means of transferring personnel offshore and the Wallaby Boats and Nauti Craft technology is definitely a technology worth testing out” concludes Jonas Pedersen.
Source: Tuko Marine

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