Titan Upgrades Vessels Into Advanced LNG Bunkering Fleet for European Operations

The Dutch-based bunker supplier, Titan, has recently successfully completed the conversion of its newly acquired vessels: the “TITAN UNIKUM” and the “TITAN VISION.” These vessels underwent a transformation into state-of-the-art bunker vessels.

Titan procured these ships from the Canadian gas transportation company Seapeak with the specific intention of retrofitting them into bunkering vessels.

The conversion of the vessel “TITAN UNIKUM” took place at the Metalships & Docks S.A.U. Shipyard in Spain. Similarly, the “TITAN VISION” underwent a conversion process at the PaxOcean shipyard in Indonesia, where it was transformed into an LNG bunkering vessel. This retrofit included the installation of essential bunkering equipment, enhanced mooring capabilities, ERS (Emergency Release Systems), ESL (Emergency Shutdown Link) systems, and advanced cargo transfer systems.

Both vessels boast a cargo capacity of 12,000 cubic meters, stretching 152 meters in length and spanning 19.8 meters in width. Following their conversion into LNG bunkering vessels, they will now facilitate the transportation of liquefied bio-methane and in the future, hydrogen-derived e-methane, in addition to their primary role of transporting and bunkering LNG.

Operating across Northwestern Europe and the Mediterranean, these vessels will significantly impact the supply chain in these regions. Moreover, Titan’s bold vision includes establishing a substantial bio-LNG plant at the Amsterdam port. In partnership with Nordsol, Titan is also embarking on the construction of an additional bio-LNG plant.

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