Sirius Technologies Launches New COVID-19 Killer Certified to Last a Minimum of 28 Days on Surfaces

UK company, Sirius Technologies, based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne has launched a new concentrated antibacterial product range: StereX multi-stage disinfectant & BioBarrier system, which works in synergy to offer long-lasting protection against 99.999% contact-transmission bacteria & viruses, including COVID-19, tested to BS EN 14476:2013+A22019.

StereX Multi-Surface BioBarrier works hand-in-hand with StereX Multi-Surface Sanitiser and StereX Water-Based Toilet Disinfectant, ensuring a range of hard and soft surfaces are offered BioBarrier protection for a minimum period of 3 months when implemented into a normal cleaning regime.

Mark Childs, Director said, ‘We have been making cleaning solutions for a number of years, but the new formula we obtained is a groundbreaking solution to the problems that have affected us and our children, during this COVID 19 Pandemic’.

Highly concentrated, non-toxic, chlorine free and water-based, StereX products are safe to use and store whilst packing the fighting power required to kill contact-transmitted bacteria & viruses. StereX has endless possibilities when it comes to marine use, whether on cruise ships, chartered yachts or sailing boats, StereX products can be used to clean interiors and exteriors to ensure passenger and crew safety, with a full AC sterilisation programme on offer.

With each purchase, stickers are provided to be displayed to ensure customer peace of mind. Available for domestic & commercial use, Sterex BioBarrier is applied in a fine mist on surfaces and can also be used to fully disinfect air conditioning units.
Source: Sirius Technologies

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