Singapore is the latest Bureau Veritas Remote Survey Center as digitalization transformation continues

Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services, is further expanding its remote survey capability – now with a new center in Singapore as it continues its digital transformation.

Other remote survey centers will follow soon for a complete deployment worldwide.

David Barrow, Vice President South Asia for Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore commenting, said: “As we continue the digitalization of classification, our well-developed remote and digital delivery platform is providing the options as well as instant access to our expertize that our clients need. Both they and a broad range of stakeholders involved are seeing the benefits of remote surveys. We were using them before the current pandemic and they will be here for good now.

“With our ‘Digital Classification’ transformation well underway, Bureau Veritas is leading the way into the future with digital services that are accessible to all clients at any stage of their digital development.”

Image Caption: Bureau Veritas Remote Survey Center in Singapore

BV experts are now using a range of key technologies to support classification clients, including:

• 3D digital twin technology
• Aerial drones, ROV, crawlers and other robotics
• Webcams, smart glasses and Augmented Reality
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science

These technologies enable Bureau Veritas to provide ship owners, shipyards, and other maritime stakeholders with a smart, collaborative approach to classification. From design to construction, and throughout operations, Digital Classification supports BV’s mission to help clients not only be safe and sustainable but make better, data-driven decisions to improve asset operations and maintenance.

In parallel BV has developed guidance and notations providing a pragmatic path to cyber security for both new and existing ships.
Source: Bureau Veritas (BV)

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