Shipping firm repatriates 8 stranded seafarers whose contracts had ended

Vivek Sudarshanlal Sharma, captain of a ship, is a happy man these days. He has finally managed to reach his home in Mohali, thanks to the efforts made by the owners of his company. Seafarers who facilitate global trade are today stuck in foreign lands and waters due to the global lockdown and travel restrictions despite completing their work contracts.

Owners of PT Selebes Sarana, Asia World Shipping Pte Ltd, who are Sharma’s employers, succeeded in repatriating eight seafarers whose contract had ended on May 1, back home safely to their hometown on May 9 and 20.

J S Gill, director of Asia World Shipping Pte Ltd, who was the force behind the return of the mariners, said, “During this difficult time, it is a challenge for all ship owners to repatriate seafarers whose contract has ended with many countries imposing travel bans and restrictions on crew changes in order to flatten the coronavirus (Covid-19) curve.

The emotional well-being of crew should not be overlooked. They play a crucial role in keeping your business running. Hence, it is an obligation for me to bring them home safely to their families and loved ones back in India.”
Gill was also all praise for the Indian consulate in Jakarta.

“Our success in repatriating the affected seafarers back home to Delhi via Jakarta would not have been possible without the extraordinary support and assistance from the Consulate of Jakarta and the Government of India.”
Source: Indian Express

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