Shipping enterprises have new options for financing

Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Market (Zhejiang Shipping Exchange) and Jiangsu Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Rent) signed the Finance Strategic Cooperation Agreement of Ship on July 29.

Xiong Xiangen, the chairman of Jiangsu Rent and Yan Hongbo, the executive director, GeneralManager of Zhejiang Shipping Exchange signed the agreement and delivered a speech. The two sides will take the opportunity of this strategic cooperation to conduct in-depth cooperation, create a new situation of shipping services and contribute to the healthy development of shipping
industry through the platform of “”.

Jiangsu Rent was established in June 1985. It is a state-controlled non-bank financial institution approved by the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission to engage in financial leasing business. It is also the first financial leasing company listed on A-shares in China.

The platform owned by Zhejiang Shipping Exchange, is the first online trading and comprehensive shipping service platform for shipping assets in China. There are more than 340 ships and shipping-related assets auctioned with total assets value of over RMB 4 billion since August 2014.

The shipping industry, a capital-intensive and technology-intensive industry, has long investment return cycle, with large fluctuation and high risks. In recent years, due to the strengthening of credit risk control by commercial banks, financing difficulties for shipping companies appear frequently.

This all- round cooperation of the Zhejiang Shipping Exchange and Jiangsu Rent, relying on the platform, will provide more efficient and comprehensive solutions for shipping enterprises.

Zhejiang Shipping Exchange, focusing on the concept of “Shipping Exchange + Data Service + Financial Service” , will create a service mode for the entire shipping industry chain, to earnestly solve the financial problems of shipping assets trading, and further boost the exchange market for new shipbuilding and second-hand ships.

Chairman of Jiangsu Rent said that through the cooperation between the two sides, they can exchange industry resources and reduce shipping enterprise operational risk by using the professional platform “ “. Their cooperation brings a win-win situation for leasing companies and shipping enterprises, which is conducive to the healthy development of the market.

There are a number of leasing companies with shipping industry have established cooperative relationships with It shows that under the trend of international shipping centers moving east with an urgent need for the integration of related industries, new form of high-end shipping service industry are taking shape at an accelerated pace in China
Source: Shipbid

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