Ship with Covid-19 cases shuttled between ports in Malaysia after two-day stopover in Singapore: MPA

A ship in Port Dickson with four crew members who tested positive for Covid-19 had shuttled between two ports in Malaysia after its two-day stopover in Singapore.

The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), responding to media queries on Wednesday (Sept 2), said the ship shuttled between the Kertih Port in Terengganu and Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan for cargo operations after it left Singapore’s shores on Aug 15.

A day before the seafarers were screened for Covid-19 on Aug 28 in Port Dickson, 11 new members had joined the crew on the ship, the MPA said.

Earlier this week, the Malaysian Health Ministry revealed that the ship’s crew at Port Dickson had a travelling history originating from Singapore’s port.

Of the total of 34 crew members screened on Aug 28, four tested positive for Covid-19, six tested negative and 24 others were still awaiting results,the Malaysian Health Ministry had said.

While in Singapore for two days from Aug 13 to 15, six crew members who were certified healthy had left the ship and returned home, said the MPA on Wednesday.

“The remaining crew members did not disembark from the ship,” it added.

Even though there was one new crew member in Singapore, he was isolated for 14 days and tested negative before coming to Singapore to join the ship, the MPA said.

“He was transported directly from the airport to the vessel. MPA understands that he is not among the four crew tested positive.”
Source: Straits Times

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