Seawing Design acquires Preliminary Approval from ClassNK~Contribution by reducing environmental footprint

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha,Ltd.(“K”LINE; President & CEO:Yukikazu Myochin; Headquarters: Tokyo, JAPAN) and AIRSEAS SAS. (AIRSEAS; President:Vincent BERNATETS; Headquarters:Toulouse, FRANCE) today announced that “K”LINE and AIRSEAS.have jointly obtained “Approval In Principle (AIP)” from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK; President & CEO:Hiroaki Sakashita; Headquarters: Tokyo, JAPAN) in line with ClassNK’s Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems guidelines for the design of the “Seawing” kitesystem*1whichconverts wind energy into propulsive force with its flying kite.

“Seawing”is a kite system which assists vessel propulsion by harnessing natural wind powert hrough its dynamic flight. Asimples witch launches or recovers the kite which unfolds, operates and refolds autonomously. The “Seawing”system collects and analyses meteorological and oceanic data in real-time, then adapts its flight to this information in order to optimize its performance as well as to ensure maximum safety.

Certificate presentation ceremony Left: ClassNK Senior Executive Vice President Toshiyuki Shigemi Right: “K”LINE Vice President Executive Officer Atsuo Asano

Obtaining the AIP marks the completion of the initial design related to the kite structure and controls. Now we step into further development and detailed engineering, with the target of installation and operation on the first “K”LINEvessel.

Through this project, “K”Line will promote wind propulsion as a environment-friendly as well as economical measure. K-Line therefore invests right now in this innovative “Seawing” kite technology in order to lead this transition towards zero emission ships. Its trustful collaboration with Airseas thus demonstrates once more its pioneering spirit and its engagement to contribute to the Society.
Source: Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha,Ltd.

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