Seamen Welfare Organisation (Greece) and Sea Mission International charities started “Fed to the Hunger” in India during Covid- 19 Lockdown Period

Seamen Welfare Organisation and Sea Mission International collectively initiated “Fed to the Hunger” projects in India.

As nationwide lockdown was implemented in India on March 25th and is being under lockdown till 17th of May until further notice. This has unleashed unprecedented misery upon the country migrant workers, orphan Children’s and the poor families. Their daily livelihood is jeopardized during lockdown period.

With more than a quarter population of India (1.3 billion people) living below the poverty line and due to sudden lock down, numerous citizens are looking for daily help and thousands are going to bed with starving. The lockdown has also impacted around 40 million children who belong from poor families.

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, Thousands of Daily labour lost their work and their families are suffering from hunger. They are fighting with starving everyday to survive.

As a part of Social Responsibility The Sea Mission International continuously Supporting these poor families with Rice, Cooking Oil and other essentials to feed their children and family members. The Sea Mission with their partner organisations Seamen Welfare Organisation and Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) initiated Food Banks in coastal Villages. They are distributing Food packets to the poor people and orphan Childrens.

Mr. N. Reuben Paul, Chairman of Sea Mission International informed, that Sea Mission International is primarily working for the welfare of Seafarers and their families. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the shipping fraternity and seafarers joined their hands to reach the thousands of Poor families and orphan children’s. We have initiated Community Kitchen in local bodies where food will be prepared and distributed to the poor people and orphan Children who are hunger to fill their empty stomachs.

The initiative is on a mission to ensure everybody is hunger-free during the lockdown. The community kitchens chiefly cater to the weaker sections including migrant labourers, homeless people and Street Children.

“It is our continuous effort for helping to the poor, orphan Children and below poverty line families” Mr. Reuben Paul said.

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) has contributing immensely towards the welfare of International seafarers at all Indian Ports. The MNWB (India) and Member organisations Sea Mission etc., are assisting International Seafarers and Shipping Companies in all Indian Ports.
Source: Sea Mission International, Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India)

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