Seafarers awareness week 2020 organized by Merchant Navy Welfare Board(India) and Sea Mission in Indian Ports

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India), Sea Mission, Port Welfare Committees, Indian Seafarers Welfare Organisation, trade unions have collectively organized Seafarers Awareness week 2020 in Indian Ports from 6th to 12th July 2020. The program was inaugurated by the Honourable Speaker of Government of Andhra Pradesh, India Shri. Thammineni Seetharam along with Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) Chairman Mr. N. Reuben Paul.

This campaign was successful in bringing all port related authorities under one roof and given priority to the shipping community and seafarers during this time of unprecedented COVID- 19 Pandemic situation. The Board emphasized the challenges faced by seafarers and their families during COVID-19 Pandemic.

As part of continuous seafarers welfare effort, The Port welfare Committees and Seafarers welfare centres staff have visited ships and provided necessary assistance to the seafarers in ports and distributed welfare kits, Gift and Souvenirs packs to the seafarers on ships

The Merchant Navy Welfare Board (India) are instrumental and playing a key role in providing quality seafarers welfare in all Indian Ports. The Board encourages the Port Welfare Committees and Seafarers Welfare Organisations who are the front line organisations in Seafarers Welfare activities to in Indian ports.

As a part of Seafarers awareness week 2020, The Ship welfare Officers and Trade Union leaders have visited ships and distributed welfare kits and Gift packets to the onboard seafarers. During the visit, Some seafarers brought their problems to the notice of ship welfare officers and the same was resolved immediately at some ports.

During this time of unprecedented COVID- 19 Pandemic situation, Sea mission’s qualified welfare staff offered counselling and helped seafarers for their mental strength, wellbeing and confidence.

As part of the Seafaring Awarness program, Seamission Volunteers visited the Rural Coastal area and encouraged local youth to choose seafaring as a career. The Coastal Village union leaders have extended their help to the seafarers families who are in distress and difficulties at this time.

The MNWB (India) have identified many issues related to the seafarers needs in many ports and non existence of seafarers welfare centres in some ports of India. Further The Board will be encouraging seafarers welfare organisations and Port Welfare Committees to start seafarers welfare centres and also to improve the existing seafarers welfare centres in the dock areas of all ports in India.

N. Reuben Paul said, The Board decided to increase the number of ship welfare officers to reach every ship in Indian Port with gifts of welfare and recreational services according to the Maritime Labour Convention. The special welfare drive will continue till 24th September 2020 (World Maritime Day).

The seafaring and shipping community in India appreciated the Merchant Navy Welfare Board and Sea Mission for organizing this event successfully in Indian Ports.

N. Reuben Paul Chairman of Merchant Navy Welfare Board has expressed special thanks to all the Seafarers, shipping Fraternity, Port Welfare Committees, Seafarers Welfare Centers and Trade unions of Dockers and Seafarers for their participation and support.
Source: Merchant Navy Welfare Board

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