Polish 1.2GW wind farm given offshore construction permits

Baltic Power has been given the first building permits for the 1.2 GW offshore wind farm which will be developed offshore Poland.

The Governor of the Polish region of Pomerania Dariusz Drelich issued the first three building permits for Baltic Power on Wednesday. The Governor’s office said that the construction is expected to start soon.

The permits are for three tasks related to the construction of the 1.2 GW offshore wind farm and the infrastructure related to these farms.

These include the construction of two power stations in the Baltic Sea, the construction of a power and telecommunications network connecting offshore wind turbines and transformer stations, and the construction of 76 offshore wind turbines in the Baltic Sea.

The development is a joint venture between Poland’s state-controlled Orlen which holds 51% shares of Baltic Power. The remaining stake is held by Canada’s Northland Power.

The site is 22.5km from shore and will feature 12MW-plus turbines on monopile foundations at depths of 33 metres to 45 metres. The total finance plan is estimated at around €4.73bn ($5.16bn). It will be able to supply more than 1,5m households with clean energy.

The project already has all the permits for the onshore part of the project, as well as a permit for the construction of an offshore power connection to bring power from the wind farm to the mainland. Last week, Orlen made a conditional investment decision for the project.

It also secured contracts for all key components of the farm – including Vestas turbines, which will be installed by BW Group-backed Cadeler, Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime offshore and onshore substations, NKT cables, and Steelwind Nordenham and Smulders foundations, which will be installed by Dutch marine construction firm Van Oord.

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