Pole Star Launches New Brand & Website

Pole Star is marking 2020 with the launch of our new branding and website, reflecting our evolution from the first company to track vessels into our current position as a leading maritime data provider facilitating decision-making across the large and diverse maritime framework.

Pole Star’s new brand encompasses our ethos of advancing technologies for a safer, more secure world. Data and technology are at the core of what we do at Pole Star, and we want to ensure that the message to our customers and the markets we serve is clear; we are here to provide the essential data to empower their real-world decision making.

The changes to look out for include a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, and communications. Our new logo and artwork showcase a modern, technology-driven style that represents the range of solutions we provide our customers with.

When Pole Star was founded in 1998, our name and logo represented the historical importance within navigation of the Earth’s pole stars, Polaris and Polaris Australis. While many of our solutions continue to ensure safe journeys for mariners, our scope has drastically expanded as we continue to innovate and develop new technologies.

The new Pole Star logo is a symbol of our progress and how we’ve diversified. Our new blue “A”, the advancing arrow, represents the continuous work and dedication towards advancing maritime technologies which guides Pole Star forward.

“Our new branding and website marks the start of a new chapter for Pole Star”, says Julian Longson, Managing Director. “We have shifted from our origins as a vessel tracking provider, and are now a leading maritime technology provider to financial institutions, governments, shipping companies, and other members of the maritime trade supply chain. ”
Source: Pole Star

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