Ocean Wings Installed on RO-RO Canopée for Sustainable Propulsion

Open RO-RO vessel named “CANOPEE“, owned by Alizés has been equipped with four wing sails provided by the French company AYRO. These wing sails are expected to act as an auxiliary propulsion system and reduce the ship’s emissions by 30%.

Each of these four ocean wings stands at an impressive height of 30 meters and spans an area of 363 square meters. This auxiliary propulsion system aims to significantly curtail fuel consumption and subsequently lower emissions of CO2, Sox, and Nox compounds. The anticipated outcome of these wings is a remarkable 30% reduction in the ship’s fuel usage.

The CANOPEE itself boasts dimensions of 121 meters in length, 22 meters in width, and a draft of 4.3 meters. This vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 22 individuals. With a weight of 5500 tons, it is designed to reach a maximum speed of 16.5 knots.

The shipowner, Alizés, is a joint venture established between Zéphyr & Borée and JIFMAR Offshore Services. Notably, the company secured a significant contract in 2019 through a tender launched by Ariane Group for the maritime transport of the Ariane 6 space launcher. In response, Alizés crafted a purpose-built vessel tailored specifically for the launcher’s transportation.

AYRO obtained the Approval in Principle (AiP) for the wind propulsion system from the classification society DNV in 2021. Collaboratively, Gurit European & New Zealand Engineering contributed to the development of the Oceanwings 363 project alongside AYRO.

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