NYK Receives LNG-Powered ‘Sumire Leader’ PCTC From China Merchants Jinling Shipyard

China Merchants Jinling Shipyard has successfully delivered the fourth and final LNG-powered Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC), named the “SUMIRE LEADER,” to NYK Shipping, a Japan-based maritime company. This delivery took place on August 14th. NYK Shipping has plans to place orders for an additional 12 PCTCs with similar specifications from Japanese shipyards starting in 2025.

The “SUMIRE LEADER” is an impressive 7000 CEU car carrier. The construction of four such vessels was commissioned at China Merchants Jinling shipyard in 2020. The initial three vessels in this series were delivered earlier, with the first ship, the “Jasmine Leader,” arriving earlier this year. The subsequent ships, the “Wild Rose Leader” in April and the “Freesia Leader” in July, completed the trio.

With a length of 199 meters and a width of 38 meters, the “SUMIRE LEADER” stands out as one of the largest vessels in its class.

Prominent environmentally conscious features have been seamlessly integrated into the ship’s design. Foremost among these is its utilization of LNG as a power source. Other energy-efficient solutions, including hull modifications, are projected to contribute to an overall reduction of 99% in Sulfur Oxide compounds (Sox), a 96% decrease in nitrogen Oxide compounds (Nox), and a significant 40% decrease in CO2 emissions when compared to vessels reliant on Heavy Fuel Oil.

NYK Shipping’s strategy involves the incorporation of 40 new PCTC vessels into its existing fleet as it simultaneously phases out older ships. A paramount objective is to achieve a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions per kilometer of transport by 2050. NYK Shipping is also exploring the prospect of replacing LNG, currently a transitional fuel, with more sustainable alternatives such as Hydrogen or Ammonia.

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