MSC’s Euribia Completes World’s First Net-Zero Emissions Voyage

MSC has released data and insights reporting on MSC EURIBIA‘s first in-industry net-zero emissions cruise voyage, which took place from June 3rd to 8th. The information highlights the feasibility of zero-emission sailings, particularly with the availability of alternative fuels.

MSC reports that during the voyage from Saint Nazaire to Copenhagen, a substantial fuel saving of 43 tonnes was achieved through a comprehensive strategy. This strategy involved optimizing speed profiles, refining routing, adjusting engine configurations, and implementing efficient hotel energy management practices. As a result, the vessel only had to utilize up to two of its four generators throughout the journey.

The ship sourced heat for galleys, heating systems, and hot water directly from its main engines, eliminating the need to utilize onboard boilers throughout the journey.

To gauge MSC EURIBIA‘s performance, MSC employed a “digital twin” of the ship, simulating optimal energy utilization and flow onboard. Remarkably, the vessel outperformed its digital twin by 11%, resulting in substantial 43-tonne bio-fuel savings during the four-day cruise voyage.

MSC’s achievement of net-zero emissions was largely attributed to its use of bio-LNG as fuel. The company signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with Gasum, a leading fuel supplier, ensuring access to liquefied synthetic gas (e-LNG) produced through the hydrolysis of hydrogen and captured carbon using renewable energy sources.

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