MSC Expands Fleet With the New 24,116 TEU MSC Claude Girardet

The “MSC CLAUDE GIRARDET,” a 24,116 TEU container ship, was delivered to MSC by the Chinese shipbuilder Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding. This vessel was constructed for China Ship Leasing and the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

This ship has dimensions measuring over 399.9 meters in length, 61.5 meters in width, and 33.2 meters in depth. Its maximum loading capacity stands at 24,346 TEUs, requiring the containers to be stacked in 25 rows, equivalent to a towering 22 floors.

The vessel is officially registered with the DNV classification society and is flagged in Liberia.

The shipbuilder has incorporated numerous cutting-edge technologies to enhance its environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency. Some of these features include hull air lubrication, a new design bulbous bow, an eco main engine, large-diameter propellers, energy-saving ducts, and a scrubber.

The hull air lubrication, a state-of-the-art system, reduces friction between the hull and water, enhancing fuel efficiency. Its bulbous bow design further reduces resistance in the water, allowing for smoother navigation. The ship’s eco main engine, coupled with large-diameter propellers, maximizes propulsion efficiency while energy-saving ducts and a highly efficient scrubber system significantly reduce emissions and environmental impact.

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