Monjasa: Expanding capacity in America’s top bunkering destination

Globally operating shipping companies represent an increasing share of Monjasa’s total marine fuels supply. As a direct result, Monjasa is further developing its services in America’s top bunkering destination.

The Houston Greater Area welcomes 1,375 vessel arrivals monthly and sees marine fuels demand of an estimated 4.5-5 million metric tonnes (mts) yearly. To further cater for an increasing demand, Monjasa now extends local supply capacity and product loading options.

Expanding monthly capacity to 40,000 tonnes

A key enabler to enhance operation flexibility is by adding an additional barge on time charter as of July 2020. This improved operation can now accommodate around 60 deliveries and supply 40,000 mts monthly.

In combination with improved access to loading products from five different oil terminals across Houston, Texas City and Galveston, Monjasa increases logistical efficiency and reduces costly waiting time for the receiving vessels.

With a dedicated Monjasa operations team handling all logistics directly with the customer, it is possible to offer a personal service and work independently of third parties.
“Personal business in Houston”

“No matter where shipowners and operators engage with Monjasa, they must always meet the same quality standards. In Houston, we have focused on finding the right solutions to the challenges met by our global customers and building personal relations with business partners throughout the area.”

“One important element has been to enter the market with a transparent operation and implementing Monjasa’s global customer satisfaction programme upon each supply operation. In this way, we get to follow up on each delivery and learn from the feedback and ratings we receive,” says Rasmus Jacobsen, Managing Director, Monjasa Americas.
Increasing demand across the Americas

Monjasa Americas has experienced a significant increase in demand throughout the past three years.

From supplying 400,000 mts in 2016, the Monjasa Group Annual Report 2019 shows that total volume has increased to 1,150,000 mts, equivalent to a 188% increase across the Americas in three years.

Panama, Colombia and Houston make up the main supply areas, while trading demand in the ports of New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans is fast-emerging.

Overall, the Monjasa Group controls a fleet of some 20 tankers and supplied 4.5 million mts worldwide during 2019.
Source: Monjasa

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