Ice-Class Multi-Purpose Ship, ‘Green Kotka,’ Joins COSCO Fleet

COSCO Shipping Special Carriers have successfully taken delivery of its latest vessel, the “GREEN KOTKA.” This vessel falls under the category of a General Multi-Purpose ice-class ship

The “GREEN KOTKA” represents the second vessel in a series crafted by Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co., Ltd. This remarkable series of ships is hailed as the world’s largest ice-class multi-purpose ships built in China. The first ship in this series, the “GREEN KEMI,” was delivered in July 2023.

The newly introduced addition, the “GREEN KOTKA,” stretches out to a length of 226.8 meters and spans 19.3 meters in width. With a design speed of 14.8 knots, it holds a remarkable cargo capacity of 68,000 tons and can operate on Methanol. The ship can navigate through waters with ice layers of up to 80 centimeters in thickness, a feature specifically designed for effective polar region operation. This vessel is up to the specifications denoted by the CCS B1 ice area symbol and has a category C polar certificate.

Notably, the ship’s deck is equipped with four single-unit cranes capable of accommodating diverse loading and unloading demands. These versatile cranes are fully prepared to handle a wide range of cargo, from heavy-duty, large-scale machinery to substantial quantities of pulp and varying cargo sizes such as wind power equipment and locomotives.

The ship features a “One to One” temperature detection and early warning system. This cutting-edge system has been meticulously crafted to ensure the secure transportation of energy-related equipment on board. Additionally, the vessel has advanced methanol-related fuel systems and holds the Methanol Dual-Fuel AIP (Approval in Principle) certificate.

The GREEN KOTKA is set to sail to Victoria Harbor after being loaded with cargo.

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