GP Global Expands International Bunkering Business with a Raft of New Appointments

GP Global, a leading global diversified conglomerate today announced the appointment of four experienced industry professionals in key offices across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore, further strengthening its global bunkering operations.

Newly appointed to further develop oil trading in GP Global’s UAE office is Maleek Mostapha, a seasoned bunkering expert with over seven years of experience in the field, who has joined the group as Senior Bunker Trader. Neethu Varghese has also joined the UAE office as Bunker Trader, bringing with her a wealth of trading expertise.

The new appointments in GP Global’s Singapore office include Sascha Khan Lulla as Bunker Trader, bringing with him over seven years of trading experience, and Travis Tey as Bunker Trader, with over eight years of trading experience.

Maleek will be responsible for developing GP Global’s oil trading operations East of Suez and worldwide, and Neethu’s experience will focus on bunkering operations in the Indian subcontinent and Middle East. Both Sascha and Travis plan to grow GP Global’s existing bunker trading business further accross the Asia-Pacific region.

The new appointees have a proven track record in maintaining a high performing trading book and will each bring diverse areas of expertise to the group, adding to a global network of bunker trading offices across London, Geneva, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Houston in The Americas, complemented by representatives in Lagos, Dar el Salaam, Nairobi, Delhi and Shanghai.

Prerit Goel, Joint Managing Director at GP Global, said: “Bunkering is one of our core strengths at GP Global and we are committed to appointing talented industry professionals whose expertise will help us expand our footprint globally. After a slew of senior appointments for our West of Suez business we now welcome our new growth partners for East of Suez business. With a wealth of experience in highly competitive global markets, I am confident that the new appointed traders will reinforce our capabilities in the Middle East and Asia Pacific markets.”

Anil Keswani, Head of Bunkering, East of Suez, GP Global said: “A challenging current climate calls for an all-hands-on-deck approach, in addition to exceptional talent. Our strategic approach of hiring talented experts like Maleek, Neethu, Sascha and Travis, continue to be part of our growth plans over the coming years. Having these four experts join our team reaffirms our commitment to our clients in ensuring they receive the highest levels of service and expertise.”

This announcement follows GP Global’s recent appointment of Max Carnegie-Jones as Lead for its bunkering business in the UK, as well as the expansion of their trading operations into the America’s with the appointment of Gene Owen as President of Trading.

Along with Max and Gene, GP Global has hired several seasoned experts into the group’s bunkering division over the past few years, across Europe, Africa and Asia continuing to showcase the robustness of GP Global’s long-term strategic growth plans.
Source: GP Global

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