GLOBAL BUNKERING SUMMIT 2020: 3 reasons to sign up today

With some global Coronavirus restrictions beginning to ease, the temptation to get out and recommence the face-to-face engagement we’ve all missed is overwhelming – yet the ability to host large, interactive gatherings safely and responsibly is still some way off.

However, a lack of the personal interaction we all crave shouldn’t make online conferencing any less palatable as an opportunity. Technology has been key in keeping businesses and professionals connected, and its capacity for replicating experiences, with no sacrifice of value, has truly come into play. Conferencing in particular has evolved at unimaginable rates.

As such, we’re now less than three weeks away from the Global Bunkering Summit 2020(, the first virtual conference of its kind for the bunkering sector, and we at Petrospot are very proud to pioneer this new wave of sophisticated online conferencing. Outlined below are three key benefits you can take advantage of in signing up for GBS2020.

Business opportunity, without boundaries
Firstly, the Global Bunkering Summit 2020 is free. Ordinarily, justifying attendance to global conferences can be a tricky balance; is it too far away, are delegate passes too expensive, can you justify the cost against potential opportunity? Especially now, when organisations are watching their budgets and staff movements with care, barriers of cost and distance stand to prohibit the industry from making connections and generating valuable business opportunities.

As our first virtual conference for the bunkering sector, GBS2020 is not bound by budgets or the feasibility of international travel, and the functionalities of the conference platform – which we’ll outline shortly – are available to use by all attendees.

These factors combined means that those who sign up to GBS2020 can be confident that they’ll connect with an audience which has a greater diversity of expertise and intelligence than ever before.

Experience the next generation of virtual conferencing
The conferencing platform itself provides endless functionality for attendees to engage their potential connections and build business leads. The technical capacity of our platform means that the Global Bunkering Summit 2020 does not play second fiddle to the real deal, but delivers tangible experiences to rival the most prestigious of events in our industry.

In GBS2020 you can interact freely with sessions and subjects across our speaker programme, with live debates and Q&A sessions, or generate your own conversations with private access to speakers and sponsors, and one-to-one meetings with your fellow attendees. Alongside this, our virtual exhibition hall grants open access to any information you need around our exhibitors’ products and services, as well as a means to connect directly with your target businesses.

The web platform is also supported by an app, which is to be unveiled and available to download shortly.

Flexible face-time with leading experts
Networking opportunities are a much-anticipated aspect of any physical event – even virtually though, these opportunities are not lost at GBS20. During the conference you can request direct conversation with both the speakers and presenters, and other attendees, booking in one-to-one discussions in your personal schedule. GBS2020 is designed to be an agile experience which you can customise to suit your business needs. Between a packed agenda of key insights and the ability to connect directly with others, you have the freedom to seek out the relevant intelligence and expertise for your specific challenges, and take control of the value you get from your experience. What’s more, with playback enabled for all conference sessions, any session you de- prioritise in favour of a one-to-one will still be available to you once the event is over.

Please visit our Global Bunkering Summit 2020 homepage for full details about the conference and its programme, and to register your attendance. We look forward to our discussions with you in September.
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